Быкова 2 класс. Module 3. Now I know. Exercise 4 – Listen and draw lines.

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  • Revise in and on. Elicit the items in and around the picture. Play the cassette/CD up to the first pause. Draw children’s attention to the example. Follow the line from the teddy bear to the bed with your finger. Play the rest of the listening. Children listen and draw lines. (There is a natural pause on the cassette/CD during which children draw lines.) Provide more time if necessary by pausing the cassette/CD. Check children’s answers. (doll – under the chair, boat – in the schoolbag, kite – on the table)
    Nanny: Can you see the teddy bear?
    Larry: The teddy bear? Oh, yes.
    Nanny: Put the teddy bear on the bed.
    Larry: On the bed? OK.
    Nanny: Now, look at the doll.
    Larry: Yes, I can see the doll.
    Nanny: Put the doll under the chair.
    Larry: Put the doll under the chair?
    Nanny: Yes. The doll is under the chair.
    Nanny: Can you see the boat?
    Larry: Yes. Where’s the boat?
    Nanny: The boat is in the schoolbag.
    Larry: In the schoolbag? That’s funny!
    Nanny: Can you see the kite?
    Larry: The kite?
    Nanny: Yes. The kite is on the table.
    Larry: OK. The kite is on the table.
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