Быкова 2 класс. Module 3. Spotlight on the UK – Legoland!

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Aims: To familiarise children with British culture and Legoland.
Pupil Language: Castle – dragon – knight – horse – models.
Teacher Language: Look at the big Lego models.
Extra Materials: Sheets of paper.

  • (An activity to introduce Legoland.)
    Point to the title and say: Legoland! Children repeat, chorally and individually. Tell children that Legoland is an exciting park and funfair in England. It has many rides, big Lego models of rich and famous people and a castle with a dragon. Then point to the picture on the left and say: Look at the big Lego models. Ask:

    Teacher: How many Lego models?
    Child 1: Four. etc

    Then ask children: Have you got a Lego toy? Elicit children’s answers.

  • Optional: Hand out sheets of paper to children and ask them to draw their Lego toy or one they would like to have. Once they finish they present their drawings to the class, e.g. This is my Lego toy. Note: Refer children to Spotlight on Russia (p. 91) during this lesson or the next one.
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