Быкова 2 класс. Module 4. Fun at school. Exercise 1 – Look and circle the same.

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  • Refer children to the pictures of the animals. Point to the tortoise and say: What’s this? (a tortoise). Then point to its shell and say: It has got a shell. Children repeat, chorally and individually. Repeat for the remaining animals and tell children what each animal has got (a shell, fur, feathers).
  • Explain the task. Tell children to circle the animals with similar physical characteristics. Check their answers.
    1 tortoise, snail, crab (all have a shell)
    2 mouse, cat, dog (all have fur)
    3 duck, parrot, chicken (all have feathers)
    Then ask children questions:

    Teacher: Which animal has got fur?
    Children: Cat. etc

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