Быкова 2 класс. Module 4. Portfolio – My Pets!

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Aims: To talk about pets.
Pupil language: Consolidation.
Teacher language: What is this? Who has got a pet? – What is its name? – Is your pet big? – Has it got big ears?
Extra materials: Sheets of paper.


  • (An activity to revise the language of the unit.)
    Point to the title and say: My pets! Children repeat, chorally and individually. Refer the children to the picture of the animals. Point to the rabbit and ask:

    Teacher: What is this?
    Child 1: It ‘s a rabbit.
    Teacher: Can a rabbit jump?
    Child 2: Yes, (it can). etc

  • Ask children to talk about their pets, in L1 if necessary. Ask: Who has got a pet?, What is its name?, Is your pet big?, Has it got big ears? etc
  • Hand out a sheet of paper to each child. Ask them to draw and colour in their own pet or a fictional one if they haven’t got a pet. Allow them some time to complete their work. Once they finish, they present their drawings to the class.

    This is my pet.
    It’s a rabbit.
    It has got two big ears.
    It can jump and run.
    Its name is Binky.

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