Быкова 2 класс. Module 5. Fun at school

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Aims: To explore other subject areas (Science). To carry out an experiment.
Pupil Language: Dancing – raisins – soda water.
Teacher Language: Look, the raisins are dancing!
Extra Materials: Glass – raisins – soda water.

  • Tell children that they will do an experiment.
    Materials: a glass of soda water, 3-4 raisins
    Instructions: 1 Put the raisins into the glass of soda water. 2 Watch the raisins go up and down.
  • Say: Look, the raisins are dancing! Ask the children to try to explain why this happens. Soda water (carbonated water) contains dissolved carbon dioxide gas. This gas collects on the uneven surfaces of the raisins. When enough gas has collected, it will actually lift the raisins to the surface where the gas is then released into the air. With the gas now gone, the raisins will sink back to the bottom where the process begins a new.
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