Быкова 2 класс. Module 5. Now I know. Exercise 4 – Listen and put a tick (✓) or a cross (✗).

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  • Refer children to the picture and elicit the food items. Play the cassette/CD up to the first pause. Draw children’s attention to the tick next to the bananas. Play the rest of the listening. Children listen and put a tick or a cross. (There are natural pauses on the cassette/CD during which children tick the items they hear.) Provide more time if necessary by pausing the cassette/CD. Check children’s answers. (orange juice – ✗, milk – ✓, biscuits – ✗, chocolate – ✓, ice cream – ✓)
    Nanny: OK. Larry, Lulu, let’s make a really nice drink!
    Lulu & Larry: Oh, yes!
    Nanny: Lulu, bring me the bananas!
    Lulu: Bananas, yummy! Here you are, Nanny!
    Nanny: Thank you. Larry, bring me the milk.
    Larry: Mmm, milk, too! Here you are, Nanny!
    Nanny: Bring me the chocolate, Lulu.
    Lulu: Here you are, Nanny! Chocolate, yummy!
    Nanny: Now then. Larry, bring me the ice cream, please.
    Larry: Yes, Nanny. Ice cream. Here you are.
    Nanny: OK. Let’s drink!
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