Быкова 2 класс. Module 5. Portfolio – My favourite food!

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Aims: To talk about food.
Pupil Language: Consolidartion – pizza – hot dog.
Teacher Language: What’s this? – What is your favourite food?
Extra Materials: Sheets of paper.


  • (An activity to revise the language of the unit.)
    Point to the title and say: My favourite food! Children repeat, chorally and individually. Refer the children to the picture of the food items. Point to the sausage and ask:

    Teacher: What’s this?
    Child: It ‘s a sausage. etc

  • Ask children to talk about their favourite food, in L1 if necessary. Ask: What is your favourite food?
  • Hand out a sheet of paper to each child. Ask them to draw their favourite food. Allow them some time to complete their work. Once they finish they present their drawings to the class.

    Pizza is my favourite food.
    I like pizza. Yummy!

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