Быкова 2 класс. Module 5. Spotlight on the UK – An ice treat!

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Aims: To familiarise children with British culture and talk about an ice treat.
Pupil Language: Consolidation – treat.
Teacher Language: Look at the ice cream van!
Extra Materials: Sheets of paper.

  • (Activities to familiarise the children with British culture.)
    Point to the title and say: An ice treat! Children repeat, chorally and individually. Explain what a treat is. Then point to the picture and say: Look at the ice cream van! Children repeat, chorally and individually.
  • Tell children that the ice cream van is a tradition in Britain. It’s a treat for children to hear the ice cream van approaching and buy ice cream on a hot summer day. Ask children if they have ice cream vans in their country. What other treats can children name? Have a discussion, in L1 if necessary.
  • Optional: Hand out sheets of paper to children and ask them to draw a treat in their country. Once they finish they present their drawings to the class.

    This is a hot dog vendor.
    Look at the yummy hot dogs!

    Note: Refer children to Spotlight on Russia (p. 93) during this lesson or the next one.

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