Быкова 2 класс. Unit 1. Lesson B. Beginning the lesson

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Aims: To revise the names of the characters through a song.
Pupil Language: Consolidation.
Teacher Language: Open your books.
Extra Materials: Flashcards (Nanny, boy, girl, chimp).

Beginning the lesson

  • Wait by the door and greet the children as they arrive. Point to and introduce yourself to the class. Say: Hello, I’m (Mrs Brown),
  • (An activity to revise the vocabulary from Unit 1a) 
    Assume the role of Chuckles and ask two children to come to the front of the class and introduce each other. Demonstrate this yourself first. You can use the puppet if you wish.

    Chuckles: Pat and John,
    Pat: Hello, I’m Pat, What’s your name?
    John: Hello, I’m John etc

Presentation & Practice

  • Flashcards (Nanny, boy, girl, chimp)
    (Activities to practise the vocabulary of the lesson)
    Pin up the flashcards from Unit 1a (family, Nanny, boy, girl, chimp). Tell children to close their eyes. Remove one of the flashcards. Children open their eyes and tell you which one is missing by naming the character.
    Draw a large 6 on the board. Point to it, mime and say: Open your books at page six!
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