Быкова 2 класс. Unit 1. Lesson B. Exercise 1 – Listen and point. Then sing and do.

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  • (An activity for children’s language development,)
    Play the song on the cassette/CD. Children listen and look at the illustrations. During the second listening, the children listen and point to the people/animal mentioned in the song. Next, demonstrate the actions and play the song, encouraging children to participate fully.

    Hello, I’m Nanny Shine,
    My name is Nanny Shine! (children wave and hold up the Nanny picture card)
    What’s your name?
    I’m Nanny Shine.
    My name is Nanny Shine!

    Hello, hello, I’m Lulu,
    My name Is Lulu, hello! (children wave and hold up the Lulu picture card)
    What’s your name?I’m Lulu, hello.
    Hello, my name is Lulu!

    Hello, hello, I’m Larry, (children wave and hold up the Larry picture card)
    My name is Larry, hello!
    What’s your name?
    I’m Larry, hello.

    Hello, my name is Larry!
    Hello, Chuckles, hello, (children wave ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ to the Chuckles picture card)
    Goodbye Chuckles, goodbye!
    Hello, Chuckles, hello.
    Goodbye Chuckles, goodbye!

(See Introduction for further ideas on how to exploit songs.)

Ending the lesson

  • Select a character from the song and ask a child to act out his/her part. Encourage them to come to the front of the class to perform their actions.


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