Быкова 2 класс. Unit 10. Lesson A. Exercise 3 – Listen and look. Then point.

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  • (Activities to promote receptive and productive language skills.)
    Set the scene. Explain to children that Larry, Lulu and Chuckles are at Nanny’s house. Go through the illustrations and elicit Nanny’s pets, e.g. (Point to picture 1 and say): Look at Nanny’s pets! Invite children to tell you what pets Nanny’s got. Do the same for the other pictures. Then point to the animals in turn and elicit their names. (Danny the dog, Kitty the cat, Roger the rabbit, Maisie the mouse, Derek the duck, Tommy the tortoise.)
  • Next, mime and say: Listen and look. Play the cassette/CD. Children listen and look at the pictures illustrating the dialogue.

    Nanny: Here we are, children! This is my house!
    Lulu: Oh, let’s look at Nanny’s pets!
    Lulu: Who’s this, Nanny?
    Nanny: This is Danny the dog and this is Kitty the cat!
    Lulu & Larry: Hello, Danny! Hello, Kitty!
    Nanny: That’s Roger the rabbit and that’s Maisie the mouse!
    Lulu: Hello, Roger!
    Larry: Hello, Maisie!
    Lulu: Aggh! What’s that?
    Nanny: Don’t worry! That’s Tommy the tortoise!

  • Ask the children (looking puzzled): Who’s Danny? Invite them to point to Danny in the picture (the dog). Ask again: Who’s Kitty? Children point to the cat.
  • Play the dialogue again with pauses for children to listen and repeat. Check children’s pronunciation and intonation. Extension: Hold up your book to the class. Say the dialogue and point to the pictures in turn. Repeat, this time inviting children to complete your sentences.

    Teacher: We are here children. This is my …
    Children: house. etc 

Ending the lesson

  • (An activity to revise the words from Unit 10a.)
    Make animal noises. Children name the animal.

    Teacher: eek – eek – eek
    Child: mouse etc


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