Быкова 2 класс. Unit 11. Lesson A. Exercise 3 – Listen and look. Then draw and colour.

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  • (Listening comprehension activities)
    Set the scene by asking children what they can see in the pictures illustrating the dialogue.

    (Picture 2 – pointing to Tommy the tortoise) Who’s this?
    (Picture 4 – pointing to Chuckles) What is Chuckles now? etc

  • Next, mime and say: Listen and look. Play the cassette/CD. Children listen and look at the pictures illustrating the dialogue.

    Larry: Ha, ha! Tommy the tortoise is funny!
    Lulu: I can’t see his mouth!
    Larry: Look! Here’s his mouth!
    Lulu: But … he hasn’t got a nose or ears!
    Nanny: He’s got a small nose and very small ears.
    Larry: Ha, ha! Look at Chuckles! Now he is a tortoise!
    Lulu: A tortoise with big ears and a big nose!

  • Explain the listening task. Point to the first picture and ask (looking puzzled): What’s missing? What is it? Let’s listen. Play the cassette/CD. Children listen and draw. Allow children some time to complete the task. Check children’s answers. (Tommy the tortoise)
  • Play the dialogue again with pauses for children to listen and repeat. Check children’s pronunciation and intonation. Extension: Hold up your book to the class. Say the dialogue and point to the pictures in turn. Repeat, this time inviting children to complete your sentences.

    Teacher: I can’t see his …
    Children: mouth! etc 

Ending the lesson

  • (An activity to revise the words from Unit 11a.)
    Hand out a sheet of paper to each child. Draw a big circle on the board and ask children to do the same. Then give instructions for them to fill in the face. e.g. Draw two big eyes etc. Children give you their pictures before they leave the class. Display them in the classroom.


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