Быкова 2 класс. Unit 11. The Ugly Duckling

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Aims: To present the story of the Ugly Duckling
Pupil Language: You look so cold! – You look so sad! – Where’s your mum? – Where’s your dad?
Teacher Language: Open your books. – Is the Ugly Duckling alone? – Who’s this?
Extra Materials: Photocopies of activity story page (Extension). 

Beginning the lesson

  • Wait by the door and greet the children as they arrive.
  • (An activity to revise the vocabulary of the story.)
    Tell the children to try to recall the last episode of the story (p. 55) and ask: Is the Ugly Duckling alone? (Yes). etc 

Presentation & Practice

  • (Activities to present the story.)
    Draw a large 59 on the board. Point to it, mime and say: Open your books at page fifty-nine!
  • Hold up your book. Point to the boy and ask:

    Teacher: Who’s this?
    Child: A boy. etc

  • Play the cassette/CD. Children listen. Play the cassette/CD again and pause after each line for children to repeat, chorally and individually.

    Boy: You look so cold!
    You look so sad!
    Where’s your mum?
    Where’s your dad?

  • Say the dialogue again and mime an action (shivering). Help children respond: You look so cold! Where’s your mum? etc

Before going into class
Photocopy the corresponding activity page of the story (one per child).

  • Hand out a photocopy to each child. Explain the activity. Allow children some time to complete the task. Check children’s answers. 

Ending the lesson

  • Ask children to draw a picture of a sad and cold Ugly Duckling. Have them present their drawings to the class. The rest of the children say:

    You look so cold!
    You look so sad! etc


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