Быкова 2 класс. Unit 12. Lesson A. Exercise 2 – Listen and choose.

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  • (A listening comprehension activity)
    Elicit the names of the animals. Explain the listening task. Tell children they are going to listen and choose the correct animal by circling it. Play the cassette/CD, twice. Children listen and complete the task. Check children’s answers. (tortoise)

    Nanny: Have you got a pet?
    Sumeet: Yes, I have.
    Nanny: Can it climb?
    Sumeet: No, it can’t.
    Nanny: Has it got big ears?
    Sumeet: No, it hasn’t.
    Nanny: Can it run?
    Sumeet: No, it can’t.
    Nanny: What is it?
    Sumeet: It ’s a … (fade out)

  • Extension: Ask children questions about the other animals.

    Teacher: Can Chuckles run?
    Child: Yes, (he can.)


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