Быкова 2 класс. Unit 12. Lesson A. Exercise 3 – Listen and look. Then tick (✓).

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  • (A listening comprehension activity to familiarise children with spoken English.)
    Set the scene by asking children what they can see in the pictures illustrating the dialogue.

    (Picture 1 – pointing to cat) What has Kitty got?
    (Picture 2 – pointing to dog) Can Danny jump? etc

  • Next, mime and say: Listen and look. Play the cassette/CD. Children listen and look at the pictures illustrating the dialogue.

    Nanny: Where are my sausages? Come back, Kitty!
    Lulu: Look! Kitty’s got Nanny’s sausages!
    Larry: Kitty can run!
    Lulu: Danny can run too!
    Larry: Look! Kitty can jump!
    Lulu: Danny can jump too! Now Danny’s got the sausages!
    Larry: Look! Kitty can climb the tree!
    Lulu: Can Danny climb the tree?
    Larry: No, he can’t!
    Larry: Danny can’t climb the tree, but Chuckles can!

  • Explain the listening task. Point to the pictures of Danny and elicit: run, climb, jump. Ask: Can Danny run?, Can Danny jump?, Can Danny climb? Let’s listen. Play the cassette/CD and children listen to the dialogue again. Point to the pictures of Danny again and ask the same questions. Invite children to give you the correct answers. Run – ✓, Climb – ✗, Jump – ✓
  • Play the dialogue again with pauses for children to listen and repeat. Check children’s pronunciation and intonation.
    Extension: Hold up your book to the class. Say the dialogue and point to the pictures in turn. Repeat, this time inviting children to complete your sentences.

    Teacher: Where are my …
    Child: sausages? etc 

Ending the lesson

  • (An activity to revise the words from Unit 12a.)
    Mime an action (run, jump, climb). Children call out the word. Change the actions quickly to make the activity fun for the children. Invite a child to come to the front and take your role.


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