Быкова 2 класс. Unit 12. Lesson B. Exercise 1 – Listen and number. Then sing and do.

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  • (An activity for children’s language development.)
    Play the song on the cassette/CD. Children listen, look at the illustrations and write the order the animals are heard on the song. During the second listening, hold up your book and point to the animals mentioned in the song, encouraging children to join in. Next, demonstrate the actions and play the song, encouraging children to participate fully. Check children’s answers. (1, 4, 2, 3)

    Rabbits can run, (mime running)
    They can run, run, run.
    Rabbits can run
    And it ’s fun, fun, fun! (make cheering action with arms)
    Mice can run, (mime running)
    Cats and dogs can run.
    Rabbits can run,
    They can run, run, run!

    Rabbits can jump (mime jumping)
    They can jump, jump, jump.
    Rabbits can jump
    They go thump, thump, thump! (slap hands on thighs)
    Mice can jump, (mime jumping)
    Cats and dogs can jump.
    Rabbits can jump,
    They can jump, jump, jump!

Craftwork (Optional)

  • (An activity to revise the language already taught while children practise fine motor skills.)
    Tell children they are going to make rabbit ears. Photocopy and hand out the Craftwork Sheets. Guide them through the cutting and gluing of the rabbit ears. Go around the class as the children complete the task, providing any necessary help. Invite children to colour their ears and put them on. Go around asking questions about rabbits (e.g. Can rabbits run? , Have rabbits got big ears? , etc) During this stage, feel free to play any song from the module. 

Ending the lesson

  • Invite the children, one by one, to the front. Hand them an animal flashcard and ask them to mime the action. The rest of the class has to guess what the animal is. The first child to answer correctly takes the next turn.


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