Быкова 2 класс. Unit 13. Lesson A. Exercise 2 – Chit-Chat.

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  • (An activity for children to communicate in English.)
    Refer children to the first picture and elicit the names of the characters and the food items. Play the cassette/CD, pointing to the characters as they speak. Children repeat, chorally and individually. Elicit the exchanges for the other three pictures. (orange juice and biscuits, milk and bananas, apples and orange juice.)

    Nanny: What’s in your basket, Larry?
    Larry: Milk and apples. I like milk and apples. Yummy!

  • Picture cards (milk, apple, biscuit, orange juice, banana)
    Children close their books. Hold up the picture cards of milk, apple. Assign the roles of Nanny and Larry to two children and invite them to act out the exchange. Demonstrate this yourself first. Hand out the remaining picture cards, inviting children, in pairs, to act out the exchanges.


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