Быкова 2 класс. Unit 14. Lesson A. Lesson 2 – Look, listen and point. Then sing along.

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  • (An activity to present and practise the vocabulary and the patterns of the lesson and help children reproduce the chant independently.)
    Play the chant on the cassette/CD. Children listen and look at the illustration. During the second listening, hold up your book and point to the items mentioned in the chant, encouraging children to join in. Play the chant as many times as you feel is necessary.

    Bring the eggs,
    Bring the cheese.
    Let’s make lots
    Of sandwiches!
    Bring the bananas
    And the chocolate.
    Put your sandwich
    On a plate!

  • Repeat the chant without the cassette/CD. Hold up your book, point to the food items and get the children to repeat after you. Then pin up the poster of Module 5. Point to the food items mentioned in the chant and keep the rhythm by snapping your fingers. Children chant by themselves with the help of the picture prompts.


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