Быкова 2 класс. Unit 14. Lesson B. Lesson 1 – Listen and tick (✓). Then sing and do.

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  • (An activity for children’s language development)
    Play the song on the cassette/CD. Children listen, look at the illustration and tick the food items they hear. During the second listening, hold up your book and point to the items mentioned in the song, encouraging children to join in. Next, demonstrate the actions and play the song, encouraging children to participate fully. Check children’s answers. (sandwich, apple, banana.)

    Sing a song of sandwiches (hold up sandwich picture card)
    Sing a sandwich song
    Sing a song of sandwiches!
    On and on and on!
    Sandwiches are scrummy (rub tummy)
    Sandwiches are great (hold up thumbs)
    Sandwiches are yummy (rub tummy)
    Put them on my plate! (hold out imaginary plate)
    Apples and bananas (hold up picture cards of items mentioned)
    Are nice and so is cheese.
    But what do I like most?
    Some sandwiches please! (hold sandwich picture card high above head)

Ending the lesson

  • Provide children with old magazines, scissors, glue and a paper plate each. Children cut pictures of food out of the magazines and stick them on their plates. Go around the class and ask children about the items on their plates.

    Teacher: What’s this?
    Child: (An) apple.
    Teacher: Do you like apples? etc


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