Быкова 2 класс. Unit 15. Lesson A. Lesson 2 – Listen and put a tick (✓) or a cross (✗).

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  • (A listening comprehension activity)
    Explain the listening task. Tell children they are going to listen and put a tick or a cross. Elicit the character Sumeet and the food items. Play the cassette/CD. Children listen and complete the task. Check children’s answers. (sandwiches – ✓, apples – ✓, eggs – ✗, orange juice – ✗, milk – ✓)

    Nanny: Sumeet, do you like cheese?
    Sumeet: No, I don’t like cheese. Yuk!
    Nanny: Do you like sandwiches?
    Sumeet: Sandwiches? Oh, yes, I like sandwiches!
    Nanny: Do you like apples, Sumeet?
    Sumeet: Mmm, yes! I like apples!
    Nanny: What about eggs? Do you like eggs?
    Sumeet: Oh, no! I don’t like eggs!
    Nanny: Do you like orange juice?
    Sumeet: No, Nanny Shine, I don’t like orange juice. I like milk!
    Nanny: Milk? Oh, good! Here’s some milk, Sumeet.
    Sumeet: Thank you, Nanny! Yummy!

  • Extension: Ask children questions about what Sumeet likes/doesn’t like.

    Teacher: Does Sumeet like cheese?
    Child 1: No, he doesn’t. etc


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