Быкова 2 класс. Unit 15. Lesson B. Beginning the lesson.

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Aims: To revise expressing likes and dislikes.
Pupil Language: Consolidation.
Teacher Language: Open your books.
Extra Materials: Flashcards (eat, drink, ice cream, play, sand, seaside).

Beginning the lesson

  • Wait by the door and greet the children as they arrive.
  • (An activity to revise the vocabulary from Unit 14a.)
    Tell the pupils they are going to play a game. Explain the rules. Approach a child at the front desk and whisper a food item. Ask him/her to whisper the same word to the child sitting next to him/her, who then whispers it to the next child, etc. Ask the last child to call out the food item. Check if the food item is the correct one. Repeat the procedure for other food items.

Presentation & Practice

  • Flashcards (eat, drink, ice cream, play, sand, seaside)
    (Activities to practice the vocabulary of the lesson.)
    Pin up the flashcards (eat, drink, ice cream, play, sand, seaside), one at a time, and say the appropriate words. Children repeat, chorally and individually. Point to the items in random order. Individual children say the items.
  • Draw a large 78 on the board. Point to it, mime and say: Open your books at page seventy-eight!
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