Быкова 2 класс. Unit 2. Lesson B. Exercise 1 – Listen and colour. Then sing and do.

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  • (An activity for children’s language development.) 
    Explain the activity. Play the song on the cassette/CD with pauses if necessary. Children listen, look at the illustration and colour the cups (blue, green). Check their answers. During the second listening, hold up your book and point to the items/people mentioned in the song, encouraging children to join in. Next, demonstrate the actions and play the song, encouraging children to participate fully.

    My cup is blue, Nanny, Nanny (children hold up blue picture card)
    Your cup is green, (children hold up green picture card)
    I am a king, Nanny, Nanny (children mime putting crown on head)
    Lulu’s a queen! (children mime waving majestically)
    This cup is red, Nanny, Nanny (children hold up red picture card)
    This cup is yellow. (children hold up yellow picture card)
    You say goodbye, Nanny, Nanny, (wave goodbye)
    We say hello! (wave hello)

  • (See Introduction for further ideas on how to exploit songs.)

Ending the lesson

  • Prepare strips of white paper. Give one to each child, ask them to colour it using one of the colours they know (red, blue, green, yellowor pink) and wear it as an armband. Play the song. The children form groups according to the colour of their arm bands.


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