Быкова 2 класс. Unit 3. Lesson A. Exercise 2 – Listen and colour.

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  • (A listening comprehension activity)
    Explain the listening task. Tell children they are going to listen and colour the cakes. Ask children to have their coloured pencils on their desks. Play the cassette/CD, twice if necessary. Children listen and complete the task. Check children’s answers (apink cake and a yellow cake).

    Boy: Here’s a cake for you. It’s a pink cake!
    Girl: Mmm! A pink cake! Thank you!
    Girl: Here’s a cake for you. It’s a yellow cake!
    Boy: Mmm! A yellow cake! Thank you!

  • Extension: Ask children questions about the colour of the cakes.

    Teacher: What colour is the girl’s cake?
    Child: pink. etc


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