Быкова 2 класс. Unit 3. Lesson B. Beginning the lesson

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Aims: To revise commands.
Pupil Language: Consolidation.
Teacher Language: Open your books.
Extra Materials: Flashcards (Mummy, Daddy, cake, pink, sitdown, stand up, clap your hands), Craftwork sheets (one per child).

Beginning the lesson

  • Wait by the door and greet the children as they arrive.
  • (An activity to revise the vocabulary from Unit 3a.)
    Take out the flashcards of Mummy, Daddy, cake, pink, sit down, stand up, clap your hands. Shuffle the flashcards and show them to the children, one by one, without looking at them as you say, for example: Mummy. If you guess correctly, the children raise their hands silently and you lay the flashcard aside. Otherwise, you shuffle it back into the pack. Continue playing until you have guessed all the flashcards. You can repeat the activity with various children taking your role.

Presentation & Practice

  • (Activities to practice the vocabulary of the lesson.)
    Mime opening a book. Elicit the appropriate command from the class: Open your book.Repeat with the rest of the commands. Alternatively, ask children to come to the front of the class to mime the actions.
  • Draw a large 14 on the board. Point to it, mime and say: Open your books at page fourteen!
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