Быкова 2 класс. Unit 6. Lesson A. Exercise 2 – Listen and draw lines.

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  • (A listening comprehension activity)
    Elicit the names of the items around the picture. Explain the listening task. Tell children they are going to listen and draw lines. Play the cassette/CD. Children listen and complete the task. Check children’s answers (pencil in pencil case, rubber in schoolbag, book on desk).

    Teacher: Can you see the pen?
    Girl: The pen? Yes!
    Teacher: Put the pen on the book.
    Girl: On the book?
    Teacher: Yes. Put the pen on the book.
    Girl: OK.
    Teacher: Now, put the pencil in the pencil case.
    Girl: The pencil is in the pencil case.
    Teacher: Yes, the pencil is in the pencil case.
    Teacher: Now, look at the rubber.
    Girl: The rubber?
    Teacher: Yes. Put the rubber in the schoolbag.
    Girl: In the schoolbag? OK. The rubber is in the
    Teacher: Put the book on the desk.
    Girl: The book? On the desk?
    Teacher: That’s right. The book is on the desk!

  • Extension: Ask children questions about the location of the items.

    Teacher: Where’s the pen?
    Child: (It ’s) on the book. etc


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