Быкова 2 класс. Unit 6. Lesson B. Exercise 1 – How many pencils? Listen, count and write. Then sing and do.

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  • (An activity for children’s language development.)
    Play the song on the cassette/CD. Children listen, count and write (10). During the second listening, hold up your book and point to the items/person mentioned in the song, encouraging children to join in. Next, demonstrate the actions and play the song, encouraging children to participate fully.

    One pencil, two pencils, three pencils, four (count on fingers throughout the song)
    Five magic pencils, more, more, more!
    Six pencils, seven pencils, eight pencils, nine
    Ten magic pencils from Nanny Shine!

  • Craftwork (Optional)
    (An activity to revise colours while children practise fine motor skills.)
    Tell children they are going to make bookmarkers. Photocopy and hand out the Craftwork Sheets. Guide them through the cutting and colouring of the bookmarkers. Go around the class as the children complete the task and ask questions about the colour(s) they have decided to use. Then, write their first names on the bookmarkers. During this stage, feel free to play any song from the module.

Ending the lesson

  • (An activity to revise language taught so far.) 7 Pin up picture cards from the module around the room. Divide the class into two teams, A and B. Call out the names of the items and ask a child from each team, in turn, to retrieve the picture card. Each correct card wins a point.


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