Быкова 2 класс. Unit 7. Lesson B. Beginning the lesson

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Aims: To revise location and objects in a room.
Pupil Language: Consolidation.
Teacher Language: Open your books.
Extra Materials: Flashcards (room, chair, TV, table, bed, under).

Beginning the lesson

  • Wait by the door and greet the children as they arrive.
  • (An activity to revise the vocabulary from Unit 7a.)
    Tell the children they are going to play a memory game. Divide them into two teams, and tell them to look at the flashcards (room, chair, TV, table, bed, under) on the board, carefully. Turn them over and point to a flashcard. Choose a child from one team and ask him/her to name the hidden object. Each correct response gets a point. Leave the flashcards on the board.

Presentation & Practice

  • Flashcards (room, chair, TV, table, bed, under)
    (Activities to practise the vocabulary of the lesson.)
    Pin up the flashcards, one at a time and ask: What has the boy got in his room? Children name the objects and what colour they are.
  • Draw a large 38 on the board. Point to it, mime and say: Open your books at page thirty-eight!
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