Быкова 2 класс. Unit 9. Lesson A. Exercise 3 – Listen and Look. Then draw and colour.

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  • (Listening comprehension activities)
    Set the scene by asking children what they can see in the pictures illustrating the dialogue.

    (Picture 1 – pointing to TV) Has Larry got a TV?
    (Picture 2 – pointing to plane) What’s this? etc

  • Next, mime and say: Listen and look. Play the cassette/CD. Children listen and look at the pictures illustrating the dialogue.

    Sumeet: This is great! Look at the big plane, Larry! Look at the big train!
    Larry: Look, Sumeet, I’ve got a small plane and a small train.
    Sumeet: Ha, ha! Let’s play!
    Lulu: Come and see my TV!
    Sumeet: Oh, Lulu! You haven’t got a TV!
    Lulu: Come to my room!
    Lulu: Look! I’ve got a TV too! It’s a chimp TV!
    Sumeet: Ha, ha! That’s a great TV!

  • Explain the listening task. Point to the second picture and ask (looking puzzled): What’s missing? What is it? Let’s listen. Play the cassette/CD. Children listen and draw. Allow children some time to complete the task. Check children’s answers. (train)
  • Play the dialogue again with pauses for children to listen and repeat. Check children’s pronunciation and intonation.
    Extension: Hold up your book to the class. Say the dialogue and point to the pictures in turn. Repeat, this time inviting children to complete your sentences.

    Teacher: Look at the big …
    Children: plane. etc 

Ending the lesson

  • (An activity to revise the words from Unit 9a.)
    Children are in pairs. Provide each child with a sheet of paper. Assign one of the toys from the unit and ask them to draw the item. One draws a big toy and the other draws a small toy. e.g. a small car, a big car. Invite children to tell you about their pictures (e.g. I ’ve got a big car, Anna’s got a small car.)


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