Быкова 2 класс. Workbook. Module 1. I love English!

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  • Ex. 1 (p. 14) Listen and colour. Then say.
    Children listen and colour in the cups. When the children have completed the colouring activity, ask questions about the picture.

    Teacher: What colour is Nanny’s cup?
    Child 1: Red.

    Girl: What colour is Nanny’s cup?
    Woman: Nanny’s cup is red.
    Girl: Red?
    Woman: Yes. Nanny’s cup is red.
    Girl: What colour is Larry’s cup?
    Woman: Larry’s cup is blue.
    Girl: Larry’s cup is blue?
    Woman: Yes. Blue.
    Girl: What colour is Lulu’s cup?
    Woman: Lulu’s cup is yellow.
    Girl: A yellow cup for Lulu!
    Woman: Yes. That’s right!
    Girl: What colour is Chuckle’s cup?
    Woman: Chuckle’s cup is green.
    Girl: Green?
    Woman: Yes. Chuckle’s cup is green.

  • Ex. 2 (p. 15) Look and draw lines. Then say.
    Children look at the picture and draw lines to match. Then, the children point to and name the characters, e.g. This is Mummy.
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