Быкова 2 класс. Workbook. Module 1. Unit 2 – Funny fellow!

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  • Ex. 1 (p. 10) Colour. Then say.
    Children use the coloured dots as a guide to colour in the picture. As an extension, point to the cup and ask what colour it is, e.g. What colour is this cup? (It’s blue and yellow.).
  • Ex. 2 (p. 11) Listen to your teacher and circle. Then say.
    Children follow the teacher’s instructions and circle the correct items.
    1 I’m a king. My cup is red.
    2 I’m a queen. My cup is blue.
    3 I’m a funny fellow. My cup is yellow.
    Then the children point to and say, e.g. I’m a king. My cup is red.
  • Ex. 3 (p. 11) Colour. Then say.
    Children colour in one of the cups (according to whether they are a boy or a girl) using a colour they know. Then they report back to the class. (e.g. I ’m a girl. My cup is red.)
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