Быкова 2 класс. Workbook. Module 3. I love English!

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  • Ex. 1 (p. 34) Listen and circle. Then say.
    Children listen and choose the correct pictures. As an extension, ask questions about Sumeet’s room. Then do the same for Larry’s toys, e.g. What’s in Sumeet’s room?

    Man: Look at Sumeet’s room.
    Girl: Oh yes! Sumeet’s got a green bed.
    Man: Yes, that’s right! Sumeet’s got a green bed.
    Girl: Has Sumeet got a blue chair?
    Man: No, he hasn’t. He’s got a yellow chair.
    Girl: A yellow chair!
    Man: Yes. Sumeet’s got a green bed and a yellow chair.

    Man: Look at Larry’s toys.
    Girl: Has Larry got a teddy bear?
    Man: Yes, Larry’s got a teddy bear.
    Girl: Has Larry got a car?
    Man: Yes, Larry’s got a car, too.
    Man: No, he hasn’t.
    Girl: Has he got a plane?
    Man: Yes! Larry’s got a teddy bear, a car and a plane.

  • Ex. 2 (p. 35) What’s missing? Draw and say.
    Children look at the pictures and draw the missing item(s).
    1 book
    2 rubber
    3 table
    4 3 TVs
    5 2 balls 
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