Быкова 2 класс. Workbook. Module 4. I love English!

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  • Ex. 1 (p. 44) Listen and draw lines.
    Children listen and draw lines. Then they answer your questions.

    Teacher: Where’s the rabbit?
    Child 1: In the train. etc

    Woman: Put the duck in the bus.
    Boy: Put what in the bus?
    Woman: The duck. Put the duck in the bus!
    Woman: Put the rabbit in the train.
    Boy: What?
    Woman: The rabbit. Put the rabbit in the train.
    Woman: Put the mouse in the plane.
    Boy: The mouse in the plane?
    Woman: Yes. The mouse is in the plane.
    Woman: Put the tortoise in the boat.
    Boy: What’s in the boat?
    Woman: The tortoise. Put it in the boat!
    Woman: Now put the cat in the car.
    Boy: Where?
    Woman: In the car! The cat is in the car.

  • Ex. 2 (p. 45) Look, find the pairs and draw lines. Then say.
    Children look at the picture and circle the pairs. Then they point to the pairs and name them.
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