Быкова 2 класс. Workbook. Module 4. Unit 10 – Nanny’s pets!

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  • Ex. 1 (p. 38) Let’s play!
    Ask children to circle any six of the pictures on the Bingo grid. Call out the items in random order (e.g. a duck in a plane). As the children hear the items called, they cross out/cover the pictures they have circled. The winner is the first child to cross out/cover all six of their circled pictures and shouts Bingo.
    Note: It is a good idea to ask children to use a pencil for the circling and crossing so the game can be played again. Small squares of paper can also be used to cover the items.
  • Ex. 2 (p. 39) Circle and say.
    Children match the pet on the left to the identical one on the right. Upon completion of the activity, ask individual children to point to the two matching pictures in each row. Elicit: This is Danny the dog and that’s Danny the dog, too!
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