Быкова 3 класс. Further Writing Practice – Дополнительные письменные задания

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Punctuation. (Пунктуация)

Прочитай электронное письмо и найди: три точки, две запятые, один восклицательный знак и один вопросительный знак.
Му name’s Yuri and I’m 10. (full stop) I’m in 5 at school. (full stop) I like English, (comma) Art and PE. (full stop) My favourite subject is Music! (exclamation mark)
What about you? (question mark)

Using capital letters. (Использование заглавных букв)

Запиши предложения. Используй правильные заглавные буквы.
1. Му name is Eva and I’m nine years old.
2. I’m Ida. I’m from Russia.
3. Her favourite subject is Art.
4. She lives in the UK. She speaks English.
Исправь ошибки в тексте. Здесь 6 ошибок.
Hello, I’m Ana. I’m ten and my favourite subject is History. This is my mother and father. Their names are Ida and Alexander. We are happy family!

Connectors. (Союзы)

Пополни предложения союзами but (но) или and (и).
1. and
2. but
3. and
4. and, but
5. and
Объедини предложения союзами but (но) или and (и).
1. We haven’t got carrots, but we’ve got potatoes.
2. Maria likes ice cream and she likes jelly too.
3. We have some popcorn, but we haven’t got any coke.
4. I like pizza and I like burgers too.
5. Yuri likes singing and he likes dancing too.
6. He likes chicken, but he doesn’t like fish.
Заполни пропуски. Используй союзы but (но) или and (и),
but — and — but — and — and — but

Addresses. (Адреса)

Напиши адреса

Adjectives. (Имя прилагательное)

Посмотри на текст и подчеркни прилагательные.
I’ve got a funny cat. Her name is Fluffy. She has got small ears and a fat body. She’s very cute! Fluffy is clever too! She can jump and climb!
Расположи слова в правильном порядке.
1. Му brother has got blue eyes.
2. Maria has got a beautiful house.
3. My dog has got a long tail.
4. My brother is clever.
Прочитай и исправь текст.
I’ve got a funny dog. Her name is Marta. She has got big ears and a long body. Marta is clever too! She can jump and climb!

Reference words. (Слова-ссылки)

1. Объедини предложения.
2. Ida’s house is big. It’s has got seven bedrooms.
3. Ida’s eyes are beautiful. They’re blue.
4. I like burgers. It’s are yummy!
5. My new house is funny! It’s pink!
6. I like John’s room. It’s big.

Paragraphs. (Абзацы)

Подбери названия к абзацам.
1. a)
2. b)
3. с)
Раздели текст на абзацы. Подчеркни слова, которые начинают каждый абзац.
Mark’s favourite day is Saturday. He gets up at nine o’clock. In the morning he has breakfast, then, he goes to the park.
In the afternoon, Mark watches television. He also plays computer games.
Then, at ten o’clock, Mark goes to bed. Saturdays are a lot of fun for Mark!
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