Быкова, 4. Рабочая тетрадь. Модуль 2. Рабочий день.

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Прочитай, посмотри и соедини.
1 b)
2 f)
3 a)
4 e)
5 c)
6 d)
Прочитай и соедини. Затем скажи.
1 A clown works at a circus. Не makes people laugh.
2 A teacher works at school. He teaches students.
3 A farmer works in a farm. He grows vegetables.
4 A greengrocer works in the greengrocer’s. He sells fruit and vegetables.
5 A postman works at the post office. He takes letters to people.
6 A waiter works in a cafe. He serves people.
Посмотри и скажи.
2 We always play basketball in the Sports Centre. We sometimes swim in the pool, but we never watch TV there.
3 We always bathe and swim when we are on the beach. We sometimes eat ice—cream, but we never ski on the beach.
Составь предложения.
1 Do you usually go to the cinema on Sundays?
2 I always play basketball on Saturdays.
3 We never wake up late.
4 Do you always wash the dishes after supper?
5 I usually don’t sleep late.
6 He sometimes go to the park in the afternoon.
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