Быкова, 4. Рабочая тетрадь. Модуль 6. Когда-то давным давно!

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Прочитай и запиши.
1 She lived with her two unkind sisters.
2 She cleaned and cooked all day.
3 The prince invited the unkind sisters to the palace.
4 One day a Fairy Grandmother visited her.
5 She asked the Fairy Grandmother for help.
6 She danced with the prince at the palace.
7 The prince married her.
8 They lived happily ever after.
Какая это сказка?
В. Cinderella
Прочитай и напиши, что Сьюзен делала вчера, а что нет.
1 Yesterday Susan cleaned the house.
2 Yesterday Susan didn’t cook lunch.
3 Yesterday Susan washed her clothes.
Yesterday Susan didn’t water the flowers.
5 Yesterday Susan helped her sister with her homework.
6 Yesterday Susan visited her parents.
7 Yesterday Susan didn’t play computer games with her brother.
8 Yesterday Susan watched a video.
Что они делали вчера? Спроси и ответь.
1 Did they play soccer? Yes, they did.
2 Did she paint a picture? No, she didn’t.
3 Did she watch TV? No, she didn’t.
4 Did he clean his room? No, he didn’t.
5 Did he wash the dishes? Yes, he did.
6 Did they dance in the party? Yes, they did.
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