Быкова, 4. Рабочая тетрадь. Модуль 6. Заяц и Черепаха.

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Прочитай и дополни.
1 skipped;
2 laughed;
3 passed;
4 stopped;
5 tried;
6 wanted;
7 climbed;
8 cried.
Прочитай и запиши.
1 visited;
2 talked;
3 played;
4 phoned;
5 traveled;
6 helped;
7 painted;
8 watched.
Майк этого не делал! Прочитай и запиши с исправлениями.
1 You didn’t climb a big tree yesterday.
2 You didn’t wash your dad’s car yesterday.
3 You didn’t walk in the park late at night.
4 You didn’t stay at home all day yesterday.
5 You didn’t paint your room yesterday.
Это только мечты! Посмотри и закончи предложения.
1 She visited the Queen.
2 He played with David Beckham.
3 She sang with Jennifer Lopez.
4 He sailed with Christopher Columbus.
Кто Джейн? А кто Хелен? Прочитай и напиши.
1 Helen;
2 Jane.
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