Быкова, 4. Рабочая тетрадь. Модуль 7. Самое лучшее событие!

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Посмотри и соедини.
1 d)
2 с)
3 b)
4 а)
Прочитай и закончи предложения.
1 Did you ride your bike on Sunday?
2 Pam didn’t see the film last week.
3 I drew a picture for my school project two days ago.
4 We sang songs at the school party.
5 Did he buy a comic yesterday?
6 The children didn’t take lunch to school yesterday.
7 Mum made a delicious cake last Sunday.
8 Did she come back late?
Спроси и ответь.
A: What did Sheila do in the morning?
B: She woke up, made her bed, had breakfast and went to school.
A: What did Sheila do in the afternoon?
B: She had lunch, came home and did her homework.
A: What did Sheila do in the evening?
B: She met her friends, went to the cinema and ate pizza.
A: What did Sheila do at night?
B: She had a bath, wrote a diary and went to bed.
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