Быкова, 4. Тест 2B

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Выбери правильное слово (10 баллов).
1 А;
2 В;
3 С;
4 F;
5 D.
Составь предложения по образцу (20 баллов).
1 A greengrocer works at greengrocers’ Не sells fruit and vegetables.
2 A postman works at the post office He takes letters to people.
3 A mechanic works in a garage He fixes cars.
4 A nurse works at a hospital She helps sick people.
5 A clown works at a circus He makes people laugh.
Прочитай и составь предложения (15 баллов),
1 Не usually visits his grandmother every Saturday.
2 What time does she finish work?
3 How often do you use your car?
Что должна делать Ким? (20 баллов),
1 Kim has to feed the dog.
2 Kim doesn’t have to go to the supermarket.
3 Kim doesn’t have to clean her room.
4 Kim has to make her bed.
5 Kim doesn’t have to wash the dishes.
Прочитай и соедини (15 баллов).
1 d)
2 а)
3 b)
Прочитай и ответь (20 баллов).
1 She works at a hospital.
2 The hospital is in Trenton.
3 She wears a uniform when she works.
4 She helps sick people.
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