Быкова, 4. Тест 6A

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Закончи слово (10 баллов).
1 rest;
2 race;
3 winner;
4 start;
5 tortoise.
Посмотри, прочитай и запиши (16 баллов).
1 listened;
2 danced;
3 played;
4 cooked.
Прочитай и запиши (25 баллов).
1 They watched TV last night.
2 Did Tim wash the car two days ago?
3 Ron didn’t water the plants yesterday afternoon.
4 Did you visit your grandparents last Sunday?
5 Kathy didn’t play in the park yesterday.
Прочитай, соедини и закончи (25 баллов).
1 A: What did she order last night?
B: She ordered pizza.
2 A: Did you see Ben yesterday?
B: Yes, I talked to him at school.
3 A: Did Steve paint the living room?
B: No, he painted the kitchen.
4 A; Did you like the party last night?
B: Yes, it was great!
5 A: Did Debbie cook pasta yesterday?
B: No, she cooked chicken.
Посмотри, прочитай и ответь (24 балла).
1 In a small hotel.
2 There was a small river.
3 Ronnie learned how to sail.
4 Ronnie was the winner.
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