Быкова, 4. Учебник. Модуль 2. Теперь я знаю

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Посмотри, прочитай и выбери. (8 баллов).
1 С;
2 D;
3 Е;
4 В.
Составь предложения, как в примере (16 баллов).
1 A teacher works at school. He teaches students.
2 A greengrocer works at greengrocer’s. He sells fruit and vegetables.
3 A postman works in the post office. He takes letters to people’s houses.
4 A waiter works in a cafe. He serves people.
Прочитай и составь предложения (16 баллов).
1 How often do you play soccer?
2 Sometimes Pam goes to the cinema on Saturdays.
3 I usually go to the park once a week.
4 Does he washes the dishes sometimes?
Что должна делать Бетти? Прочитай и закончи (20 баллов).
1 Betty has to wash the dishes.
2 Betty has to wash the room.
3 Betty doesn’t have to wash the dog.
4 Betty has to do her homework.
Прочитай и найди соответствия (20 баллов).
1 — с;
2 — b;
3 — d;
4 — а.
Прочитай и ответь (20 баллов).
1 She works at a garage.
2 The garage in Stonebridge.
3 Yes, she does. She wears a uniform at work.
4 No, she doesn’t. She fixes cars.
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