Быкова, 4. Учебник. Модуль 4. Забавные животные! Раздел 7b

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Посмотри, прочитай и скажи.
1 A: What are the seals doing?
В: They are clapping. They always clap at lunchtime.
2 A: What are the monkeys doing?
B: They are having lunch. They always have lunch at 1 o’clock.
3 A: What are hippos doing?
B: They are having a bath. They always have a bath in the afternoon.
4 A: What are the dolphins doing?
B: They are playing. They always play in the morning.
Прочитай и расставь предложения в правильном порядке.
A: What are you doing?
В: I’m reading a book about dolphins.
A: Do you like dolphins?
B: Oh, yes! I think they’re great!
A: Look at the picture — the dolphin is catching a fish!
B: Of course! Dolphins eat fish, you know.
Прочитай. Затем помести указанные слова в правильные колонки.
oo [u]: good, look, cook, foot, wood, book;
oo [u:]: zoo, afternoon, room, cool, school, too.
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