Быкова, 4. Учебник. Модуль 6. Теперь я знаю

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Посмотри и закончи. (18 баллов).
1 hair;
2 tortoise;
3 first;
4 rest;
5 race;
6 winner;
Посмотри, прочитай и запиши. (18 баллов).
1) Tom visited the Zoo last Saturday.
2) The children watched a film last weekend.
Прочитай и запиши (20 баллов).
1 Did Ben visit Egypt last summer?
2 I phoned my aunt yesterday.
3 She didn’t visit the Zoo on Friday.
4 Did Tom wash the dog two days ago?
5 She didn’t cook meat yesterday afternoon.
Прочитай, соедини и закончи (24 балла).
1 A: Where were you yesterday?
В: I was in the park.
2 A: Did you watch TV last night?
B: Yes, there was a really good film on.
3 A: Did you play tennis last week?
B: No, actually we played basketball.
4 A: Did you talk to Sue today?
B: Yes, we talked on the phone.
5 A: Did Gary paint the kitchen?
B: No, he painted the living—room.
6 A: Did you dance with Paul at the party?
B: No, I danced with Peter.
Посмотри, прочитай и ответь (20 баллов).
1 a funny film;
2 at 10 o’clock;
3 a pizza;
4 listened to their favourite CDs.
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