Деревянко, 5. Учебник. Unit 8. Lesson 6

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be — was, were
take — took
have — had
tell — told
fly — flew
sing — sang
see — saw
win — won
make — made
buy — bought
sit — sat
She took. She was. She had. She told. She went. She sang. She saw. She made. She won. She bought. She sat.
е, h, i, g.
a — 7
b — 6
c — 4
d — 2
e — 3
f — 1
g — 5
a) When did you get it?
b) Did you buy it?
c) Did you win it?
d) Did you find it?
e) Did your friend give it to you?
f) When did you get it?
g) What is it?
h) Where do you keep it?
i) Do you like it?
(возможные варианты)
I have got a souvenir. I won it at the Championship when 1 was eight years old. It is a toy dog.
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