Деревянко, 5. Учебник. Unit 9. Lesson 4

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1 — c
2 — d
3 — b
5 — b
1. the most popular place for people to meet. 2. the biggest wheel. 3. the most famous park. 4. the most beautiful river. 5. the oldest bridge
Trafalgar Square … . the most popular place for people to meet.
1. Big Ben
2. Trafalgar Square.
3. In Madame Tussaud’s Museum.
4. Trafalgar Square.
5. The most beautiful bridge is Tower Bridge.
6. I can buy any toy I like at Hamleys.
7. The deepest river in Britain is the river Thames.
8. The most beautiful view is from the London Eye.
9. “The Star of Africa” is the biggest diamond in the world. It is in the Tower of London.
10. We can play on the grass in Hyde Park.
(возможные варианты)
1. What is most beautiful place in the city?
2. Which is the longest street in the city?
3. Which street is the widest?
4. Which bridge is the widest?
5. How many rivers are there in the city?
6. How many bridges are there in the city?
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