Деревянко, 5. Учебник. Unit 9. Lesson 5

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The man is tall, but the boy is short. The market is noisy, but the park is quiet. The streets are clean, but the yard is dirty. The prospect is wide, but the street is narrow.
(возможные варианты)
The houses were small a hundred years ago. The houses are big now. There weren’t many tourists a hundred years ago. There are many noisy tourists now.
tallest — shortest
youngest — oldest
shortest — tallest
biggest — smallest
oldest — youngest
cleanest — dirtiest
coldest — hottest
saddest — happiest
smallest — biggest
dirtiest — cleanest
hottest — coldest
happiest — saddest
a — Tom’s
b — Sam’s
c — Margaret’s
(возможные варианты)
The longest street in my city is Nevsky prospect. Max is the tallest in my class. My bag is the biggest.
Which is the shortest street?
Which is the quietest yard?
Which is the smallest classroom?
Which is the noisiest class?
Which girl has the longest hair?
Which boy has the biggest smile?
I have the most beautiful view from my window. I live in the cleanest yard. My brother is the biggest in my family. My sister is the cleverest in our family.
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