Деревянко, 5. Учебник. Unit 9. Lesson 6

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bad — worst
small — smallest
funny — funniest
clever — cleverest
fastest — fast
youngest — young
strongest — strong
best — good
fluffiest — fluffy
It is about the competitional winners, which took place on the 5th of May
Jim — d
Tracy — c
Max — a
Annie — b
(возможные варианты)
1. The winner is the rabbit Fame
2. Mary has the tastiest cake.
3. Diamond is the fastest horse.
4. Max made the biggest chewing gum bubble.
5. Lucky is the fastest tortoise.
6. Mr. Garret is the strongest.
(возможные варианты)
He ate more apples than all other people. Have you got the same festivals? Write to me soon.
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