Деревянко, 6. Учебник. Unit 4. Lesson 5

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York is in England.
1. York: the Roman fort AD 71
2. The Vikings in York AD 66
3. York Minster – the cathedral in York 1220
4. York city walls – 1220
5. York Guildhall – 1446
6. The Lord Mayor of York – 1389
7. Nestle’s chocolate factory – 2003
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1. I’d like to visit the city of York wall because I’d like to see the whole city.
2. I’d like to visit the Yorkshire museum because I’M interested in its history and the history of the entire Great Britain.
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I’m writing you about my trip to York. I visit a lot of places of interest every day. I went to Minster living museum, Yorkshire Museum. I knew a lot of interesting things.
Best wishes, …
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1. Fantastic displays in Yorkshire Museum don’t show medieval times.
2. The Vikings did not come to York.
3. There is no cathedral in York.
1. The Romans built a fort in York in AD71.
2. There is a famous Yorkshire Museum in York.
3. The largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe is 800 years old
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