Деревянко, 6. Учебник. Unit 4. Lesson 6

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Plymouth – 1, 6
the Atlantic – 4
England – 2, 3
America – 5, 7, 8
(возможные варианты)
1. They wanted to start a new life, to be free.
2. Perhaps they wanted to live in the same town but they had a dream to start a new life.
3. They speak English because the first people who came to America were from England and they started a new country.
a younger sister,
lot of lakes,
on vacation,
going to school,
1. Elevator AmE, n, лифт.
2. lift BrE, n, лифт.
3. underground BrE, n, метро.
4. subway AmE, n, метро.
5. sneakers AmE, n, спорт, обувь.
6. trainers BrE, n, спорт, обувь.
7. mail AmE, n, почта.
8. post BrE, n, почта.
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