Деревянко, 6. Учебник. Unit 8. Lesson 2

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1 Mike has hurt his leg. He can’t walk.
2 Jane has got toothache. She has broken her tooth.
3 Max has caught a cold. He’s got a temperature and a headache.
Mike is ill because he’s eaten four ice cream.
1 ate (Past Simple)
2 caught (Past Simple)
3 broke his arm. (Past Simple)
4 cut (Past Simple)
1 cut (Present Perfect)
2 hurt (Present Perfect)
3 broken (Present Perfect, break)
(возможные варианты)
P3: Hello! What’s matter with you?
P4: I’ve cut my hand with a piece of glass. And what matter with you?
P3: I’ve broken my arm.
1. Джейн ела много сладостей.
2. Макс простудился.
3. Генри сломал руку.
4. Мэри порезалась.
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